Meet our Team!

LisaMichelle Eigler:

LisaMichelle has been dancing all her life.  She was first introduced to Ballet and Jazz at 3 years old.  In junior high and high school, she competed with Community Dance Teams, William S. Hart High School Dance Team, color guard and pageantry.  She began working as a choreographer in 1998 for high schools in the Central and Southern California. Ballroom and social dances came into her life in 2004.  While living in Miami in 2010, Salsa and Bachata became a new passion in her dance rep.  In 2013, LisaMichelle helped to build her first social dance company, Salsa Fever Miami, which still operates today in South Beach!  Now, in the Pacific North West and with Infinite Movement, LisaMichelle is excited to bring her knowledge of social dances to this community. 

I don’t think I can say I have one favorite style of dance; I just love to be on the dance floor. My goal is to be able to dance with anyone, to any style, and help others to do the same.” – LisaMichelle. In addition to dance, LisaMichelle has a passion for the performing arts; theatre, plays, musicals, and opera. When the weather is warm, you can find her doing water sports: Waterskiing, boating, open water swims etc. In the winter, you will find her either attending shows or out on a mountain snowboarding.

Casey Mertens:

Casey wasn’t born into a dancing community or family. He began his dancing adventure at about 15 years old starting with 1950’s styled swing and line dancing. He said, “I was intrigued and hooked right away, and haven’t looked back since!” While working at the Roadhouse in Spokane, WA, he continued his love for dancing with American swing dancing. From his travels around the world, his new interest is the latin styles (specifically salsa). 

When he’s not on the dance floor locally, he loves traveling (& even then migrates to foreign dance floors and styles)! His goal is to visit a new country every year. This may have stemmed from traveling for hockey. He played 5 years of junior ice hockey playing for teams in tri cities, Ontario, Miami, Michigan, west palm beach, Boston, San Francisco and Marysville.

Caitlin Applegate: 

How long have you been dancing? 

Caitlin started ballet at 3 years old in a sleek purple tutu. She then got into jazz at 13 years old while living in Arizona. She started country swing & line dancing at 25 years old after moving to Spokane from the coast as a way to meet new friends. 

Favorite dance style? Country swing is her favorite to dance since it’s the one she is most comfortable with, but she’s determined to learn to move her hips like they can in some Latin dances! It’ll just take a lot of practice. When she’s not dancing, Caitlin loves playing rugby! She has played for teams based out of Canada, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. She also enjoys hiking, riding her motorcycle, snowboarding, swimming, and traveling.